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This project «Who Caled» was created to receive information, positive or negative, about telephone numbers, comments and feedback on companies and the quality of their services, the exchange of information about SPAM, as well as various kinds of fraud. On our site you can get acquainted with the data of our telephone directory. Please note that this information is not 100% reliable, because it is written by the same visitors as you. In any case, this can help to avoid problems with unwanted calls or subscribers, as well as to warn against possible attempts of fraudulent actions or crimes. If you have useful information about a phone number or its owner, please leave a comment here. Our telephone directory is updated daily, which makes it possible to overcome people from deception, negative actions of scammers, and also get information in advance about the honest or dishonest phone number owners. Any data provided by you will help many people. The Administration thanks everyone for providing such information.

Last comments


07949894183 or +447949894183

* J.P. commented 22/04/2021
07949 894183 Missed call, but see it can be from India. So easy to answer due to the 0 at the beginning, but can never be sure if it is sales or scam.


02045260847 or +442045260847

Vlad commented 22/04/2021
The caller was trying to get confidential information at other country


01566351353 or +441566351353

Amy commented 22/04/2021
Pretty sure this is a scam caller - rang and kept hanging up. 4 minutes earlier got a call from a number in Sweden saying there's unusual activity on my account.


07778567839 or +447778567839

Michael Finnerty commented 22/04/2021
Possible scam call, saying I have authorised payment to HBSC of £240, which is not true.


07448234698 or +447448234698

lucy commented 22/04/2021
its fake no for national insurance


07434880586 or +447434880586

maaike commented 22/04/2021
send an sms Royal mail package pay £2.99


01156920000 or +441156920000

Gary * commented 22/04/2021
Owner of this phone number is a liar and scammer


01217942294 or +441217942294

Brian * commented 22/04/2021
An unknown person called from this number to the telephone number of the reception of our office and looked for a person that no one knows


08001116121 or +448001116121

Fred * commented 22/04/2021
Please, who knows anything about this number, report it, I get very frightening calls


02030201515 or +442030201515

Douglas * commented 22/04/2021
Caller with a strong foreign accent was saying something about my broadband connection