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Last comments


07808536455 or +447808536455

Alison commented 30/11/2020
Belongs to Mr Alan Kevin Hayden


07937459444 or +447937459444

Miss h commented 30/11/2020
I believe he is a corny artists. One of those man because I'm actually chatting with him


07496198266 or +447496198266

Scam commented 30/11/2020
Tried to scam me. Lloyds bank scam


07783386427 or +447783386427

Pascal commented 30/11/2020
Bonjour, Voilà je recherche ce numéro car il m'a envoyer un message concernant un colis qui serais bloquer a la poste j'ai moi en Belgique et je devrait pour le récupérer payer des frais de ports 1.99€ qui n'est pas énorme mais voilà le colis est un iphone 11 que je n'ai jamais commander. Donc je pense qu'il pour que ce soit une arnaque. Cordialement


07491691992 or +447491691992

Mrs K commented 30/11/2020
* Caller left comment: Who is * Have tried checking, but with no success * Would ideally like to know who the caller was (I do not like "unknown" contacts )


07452652893 or +447452652893

Asmita commented 30/11/2020
need to activate this number


07309757612 or +447309757612

anonnymous commented 30/11/2020
I received text message from this number about transaction on my bank account , but scammers haven't guess my bank LOL , also i know which texts are scams which are not . I just wanted to WARN all of you people don't trust this number DO NOT OPEN ANY LINKS FROM IT, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR DETAILS .


07543754040 or +447543754040

Angel commented 30/11/2020
She says She is from China. she tries to invest in for FIOT/USD currency.


07432158633 or +447432158633

Marley commented 30/11/2020
This si a scammer....fake buyer.. fake ban accoeunts


08444156772 or +448444156772

GERARD commented 30/11/2020
It's a fake number!